Come Experience the Bold Flavors of Mexico!

Proudly serving authentic Mexican food to Knoxville and surrounding counties since 1998 at Cancun Mexican Grill & Cantina - Chapman Highway and Crippen Road off of Maynardville Highway and at Senor Taco on North Broadway.

Enjoy all of your traditional favorites prepared by our friendly staff using the freshest ingredients. Our family-friendly environment combined with superior service, delicious cuisine and top-shelf margaritas will make you fee right at home. With three convenient locations in the Knoxville area, it's easy to become a part of the Cancun/Senor Taco family!

At Cancun Mexcian Grill & Cantina and Senor Taco we truly believe we are the best place to enjoy your favorite, delicious Mexican food in Knoxville and surrounding East Tennessee area, for dine-in or carry out. Our menu features lunch specials, combination meals, soups, fajitas, quesadillas, and an outstanding drink and liquor selection. We are looking forward to your visit. Come see us soon!

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Daily Food & Drink Specials

Monday -


Senor Taco -

Lunch: Fajitas (Chicken or Steak) $8, Senor Burrito (Chicken or Beef) $6;

Dinner : Burrito del mar $9.50, Pollo Parilla $10, Chile Colorado $9.

Drinks: 32oz Dos Equis Draft $7.00, 12oz Domestic Draft $2, Small Lime Magarita $4, Long Island Tea $6.


Cancun Mexican Grill & Cantina - Crippen Road Location

Lunch: Fajita (Chicken or Steak) $7, Cancun Burrito $6;

Dinner: Pollo Jalisco $8, Enchiladas Rancheros $8, Pollo Jalisco $8. Desert: Soppapillas $2.

Drinks: Any Bottle of Beer $2.99, Regular Azteca Magarita $3.5, 32oz XX Draft $5.50, Top Shelf Magarita $5.


Cancun Mexican Grill & Cantina - Chapman Highway Location

Lunch: Cancun Burritos (Chicken or Steak) $6, Speedy Gonzalez $4.50.

Drinks: Top Shelf Margarita $5, Whiskey Sour $5, 32ox XX Beer $7, Any Bottle Beer $3.


Tuesday -


Senor Taco -

Lunch: Arroz con Pollo $8, Taco Lunch (Chicken or Beef) $4.70;

Dinner: Pollo a la crema $10, Chuleta rancheras $10.99, Chile relleno de camaraon $11.

Drinks: Jumbo Top Shelf Magarita $9, Tequila sunrise $6, Jumbo Lime Magarita $8, Pitcher Top Shelf Magarita $18, Shot house tequila $4.50.


Cancun Mexican Grill & Cantina - Crippen Road Location

Lunch: Two Arroz con Pollo $12, Taquitos Mexicanos $5;

Dinner: Fajitas (Chicken or Steak) $10, Chicken Wings $7, Chimichanga fajita (chicken or steak) $8. Desert: Banana Chichanga $4.

Drinks: Royal Crown & Coke $5, Pitcher Domestic Beer $6.50


Cancun Mexican Grill & Cantina - Chapman Highway Location

Lunch: Lunch #2 (Chicken or Beef) $4, Taquitos Mexicanos (Chicken or Beef) $5.

Drinks: Regular Lime Magarita $4, Crown Royal & Coke $6, Pitcher Domestic Beer $7, Margarona $10.


Wednesday -


Senor Taco -

Lunch: Nachos Fajita (Chicken or Steak) $7, Fish Tacos (Grilled or Fried) $7; 

Dinner: Brochetas $12, Enchiladas del mar $9.50, Chicken carnitas $10.

Drinks: Jumbo Top Shelf Magarita $9, Pitcher Domestic Beer $7, Jack & Coke $5.50, Any Bottle Beer $3.


Cancun Mexican Grill & Cantina - Crippen Road Location

Lunch: Two Taco Salads (Chicken or Beef) $11, Lunch #3 $4.50;

Dinner: Chile Colorado $9, Enchiladas Suizas $8, Pollo crema $.8. Desert: Flan $3.50.

Drinks: Pitcher of Top Shelf Margarita $17, House Tequila Shot $4.


Cancun Mexican Grill &Cantina - Chapman Highwa Location

Lunch: Lunch #3 $4.50, Taco Salad (Chicken or Beef) $5.50.

Drinks: Pitcher Top Shelf Magaritas $18, House Tequila Shot $4, 12oz Domestic Beer $2.50.

Thursday -


Senor Taco -

Lunch: Chimichanga (Chicken or Beef) $7, Enchilada Lunch (Chicken or Beef) $4.70.

Dinner: Pollo chipotle $10, Carne asada $10.50, Cameron al gusto $12.

Drinks: Margarona $10, Daiquiris $5.50, Bucket Domestic Beer $14, Imported Bottle Beer $3.


Cancun Mexican Grill & Cantina - Crippen Road Location

Lunch: Two Chimichanga (Chicken or Beef) $13, Pollo Jalisco $6.50;  

Dinner: Pork Carnitas $11.50, Parrilla Chicken Salad $7.50, Parilla Chicken Salad $7.50.

Desert: Sopapillas with ice cream $350.

Drinks: 2 for 1 Top Shelf Margarita $9, Bucket of 6 Domestic Beer $14.


Cancun Mexican Grill & Cantina - Chapman Highwa Location

Lunch: Pollo Jalisco $6.50, Huevos Divorciados $4.50.

Drinks: Top Shelf Magarita $5, Daiquiris $5.50, Bucket Doestic Beer $14, 12oz XX Beer $3.